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    I have an unslung NSLU2 (6.10 beta)
    with a recently installed Firefly nightlie 1696
    hopefully streaming to a Pinnacle Soundbridge
    The Unslung O/S is installed on USB1 (2gb USB drive) and the music is installed on a 16gb Emtec USB drive on USB2.
    The music dive is formatted to FAT32 and has a MUSIC directory with all songs in directories from there.

    it appears to have installed OK and runs and the Soundbridge can see the server, but there are no songs.

    No problem i thought just open the config file and and point it to the correct location – Wrong!!

    I have installed Twonky (trial) and it can find some (why it can only find SOME is another problem!!) music at :-

    Using Vi I edited the config file and restarted the server and then rescanned, but still NO music
    I have tried various links but could not get it to work.

    If i followed the default link that was in the config file (can’t remember exactly the path), but was something like /share/hdd/
    I find that the link HDD_1_1_1 is there, but if i follow it further then the Music file is not there.

    Should i try and put a symbolic link in? if so what command would work?

    Ant thought or reconsiderations greatly received – sorry that the post is a little rambling, but not sure what the problem is or what is relevant!
    thanks in anticipation


    The slug knows USB port 1 as /hdd/ & USB port 2 as /flash/
    The names have absolutely nothing to do with what is physically plugged into them.

    My Slug has the system drive on Port 2 and in my case, the path to the music files is /share/flash/data/music
    I’m not sure how the naming convention changes when the HDD is using a FAT32 partition


    thanks for the quick reply

    If i follow the links (i am away from the slug now and cannot remember which one)

    i get as far as “HDD_1_1_1” and there is nothing else to follow. I was not sure if i need to add a symbolic link or get at the music folders from another route?
    Thanks again for all your help

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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