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Can’t Access Port :3689

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    I’m using a NSLU2 unslung, and have successfully installed mt-daapd stable. However, I can’t start mt-daapd with the “/opt/etc/init.d/S60mt-daapd” command, as I get a “Bad mp3 directory (/share/hdd/data/public): No such file or directory. Error reading config file (/opt/etc/mt-daapd/mt-daapd.conf)” error message.

    For some reason, I can’t access the Firefly web config page using and I have been flummoxed by trying to use VI as an editor in a SSH session! (I can load and configure the unslung NSLU2 using fine).

    Where should I look to see why I can’t connect using :3689?


    Well, I figured out what my path problem was, and downloaded the nano editor to edit the .conf file. I’m copying MP3 files to my folder on the NSLU2 right now, so we’ll see if mt-daapd finds them.

    I still can’t seem to access the web interface at port 3689, so I have something configured incorrectly somewhere.


    And it seems to have resolved itself once I had the right path in the config file … I suspect if the config file has an error, the admin program at port 3689 won’t load (perhaps that’s the reason, anyway!)


    Yep, because the “admin program” is just a function of mt-daapd / firefly.
    If the config file is corrupt, then firefly bails out, and aborts loading.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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