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Cannot get mt-daap to work over VPN

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    Hi, I cannot for the life of me seem to get the daap shares to show over the VPN. Running mdns-scan on the server shows the shares but running mdns-scan on my laptop shows none. I can access the Firefly web interface just fine.

    The server is Debian running mt-daap from the repos
    The client is Ubuntu with Banshee
    I am using OpenVPN to link them both




    I have been trying this on and off for over a year. Looking at the sinffer captures I know what is wrong but I can’t come up with something clever to fix it. Firefly is multicast traffic and that traffic is not being passed across the vpn tunnel even if allowed by the ruleset.

    Maybe I will start tinkering again with this. But if you come up with a fix let me know. I think openvpn just doesn’t support passing multicast traffic.


    Hi Layer3rules,

    Finally got it working using the TAP interface instead of the TUN interface (something to do with avahi refusing to leave a local network) also I am not sure if this is needed but I enabled the point to point option (read more about it at its point 9 )

    Unfortunatly buffering takes ages (20secs of buffering for 3secs of playtime) and I have to abandon it


    I tied the TUN interface as well a while back but never tried option 9. So exactly what and where did you put these options?

    so did you put


    in your




    Try running avahi daemon on the machine that runs the client and then have avahi manually braodcast the rsp service in the local net.


    I put allow-point-to-point=yes in my avahi config file. I found it in debian under /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf


    Has anyone got this to work yet? I tried allow-point-to-point=yes, and it didn’t change anything. I am using a “tun” config as it is the most simple way to connect from my work computer to my home LAN. I know a “tap” config would fix this issue but I would rather change my setup.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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