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Cannot add path to itunes xml file in web config tool

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    I am trying to get the Firefly Media Server on my Netgear ReadyNAS to display my iTunes playlists. The Firefly FAQ states:

    Firefly picks up the iTunes playlists by reading the “iTunes Music Library.xml” file that iTunes stores playlist information in. In order to be able to find the iTunes playlist, Firefly must be able to find this file somewhere in its search path. In practice, this means adding the “My Music” folder (in Windows) or the “Music” folder (on Mac) as one of the Music Folders in the web configuration tool.

    Problem is, when I add the path to the xml file and hit the “Save” button, I get this error message: Error: 500general:mp3_dir .

    What is the problem here and how do I solve it? Many thanks for any help.




    The config file probably doesnt have write access for the user that runs firefly.
    You could try:

    chmod 777 /etc/mt-daapd.conf


    Whoa! I think I understood your diagnosis, but the treatment is complete greek to me! How do I “try” Code: Select all chmod 777 /etc/mt-daapd.conf ?



    You have to be careful with Firefly FAQ info & its relevance to the ReadyNAS.
    In this case Firefly already has the permissions it needs.

    The FAQ you’ve quoted is specific to Firefly running on a PC/Mac, not a NAS.
    Your comment about adding a line to the xml file is a bit confusing, you shouldn’t have to edit the xml file

    I suspect your trying to get Firefly on the NAS to see the iTunes library file on your computer. This is not easily done.
    What you have to do is to copy the iTunes library file from your computer to the /media/Music share on the NAS.
    This is the default directory that Firefly has been preconfigured to use.
    Assuming all your music is in subdirectories under /media/Music, Firefly should find & be able to resolve the path to your music files.



    Yes — that is exactly correct. I already have my music folder on my NAS and Firefly is working fine in serving that music to other computers on my wireless home network running iTunes. The playlists weren’t showing up however because the iTunes config files with the playlist info (the iTunes Music Library.xml and/or iTunes Library.itl files) were located on my PC hard drive, not on the NAS. So I was trying to add to Firefly the path to the xml file on my PC. I have now copied these files to the iTunes music folder on the NAS and forced iTunes to use them at their new location (by starting iTunes with the shift key held down and directing it to the relocated database files). I then deleted the old database files from their original location. Now the client PCs all have access to the music AND the playlists. It has taken me a while to fully understand the fact that Firefly is running on the NAS and not the PC and the implications of that. Many thanks for your help.




    Need a bit more help on this issue:

    I’m serving my itunes library on a WD World Book, which uses firefly as an itunes server. I want to set things up so all my Machines can see the library (that’s working) and my playlists (that is not).

    I have copied all my music and the itunes library.xml file as suggested below to the shared music folder on the world. I can see the library from other machines, but not the playlists.

    How do I get firefly to “pick up” the playlist info so it”s available on all machines? I bought the world book so I would not have to have a computer on all the time to serve my itunes.




    Do you know which version of Firefly is running on the World Book?
    The web interface for Firefly should tell you.

    Older versions do not support iTunes library files & all versions have m3u playlist processing turned off by default.



    Can somebody please tell me what the default path is to the library.xml file created by the Firefly media server that ships with the ReadyNAS when it does an initial scan? I cannot find this information in any documentation or forum.



    Firefly does not create a library xml file.
    Firefly’s database is named song3.db and is located in /var/cache on the ReadyNAS



    Thanks for this info. I figured out from this and few other posts that Firefly could not be used to generate the Library.xml files needed for import into Squeezecenter. I had to generate these from the iTunes app on a remote system.

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