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Build 1696: Indexing error?

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    I’m new to this server so… 🙂 I downloaded the latest SVN build for windows and I’m running it on my Windows Home Server along with Bonjour and FirePlay. The problem I run into is that the server seems to have problems indexing the music library.

    I get this error (just a sample):
    2009-11-13 14:40:08 (1809e1be): Cannot open D:sharesMusicWThe Who – It’s Hard13 – It’s Hard (live).mp3
    2009-11-13 14:40:08 (1809e1be): Skipping D:sharesMusicWThe Who – It’s Hard13 – It’s Hard (live).mp3 – scan failed

    And that’s how 90% of the library is shown in the log-file…

    Any ideas?


    // CuFk



    This could be a file permissions problem for you. I had the same error and was able to fix it by right-clicking the file referenced (in Windows), choosing Properties, then unchecking the “Read Only” checkbox and pressing OK. Note: I copied files using Sync Toy so I changed the permission on my server and the source MP3 data files so that it won’t happen again – Sync Toy actually preserved the file permissions when copying. Fortunately for me, out of 18,000+ songs, only one song had this issue.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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