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Buffal Linkstation Live (need to locate acp_commander.jar)

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    I hope this post doesn’t get lost in all of the irritating spam that’s flooded this forum. What a pointless activity…..

    I’m trying to follow the Wiki to install Firefly on the Linkstation Live (
    Unfortunately the site is down, possibly for some time to come, so I can’t download the Java script that opens up Telnet access.

    Would anyone know another location to download this file from?
    I’d imagine it’s a fairly small file. If I PM someone with my email address, maybe you could email it to me?

    BTW The message you get when you try to access is:

    All sites are unavailable until further notice.
    We do not know when they will be available again.
    For more information visit #linkstationwiki on Freenode,
    and talk to timtimred or mindbender.
    The forum and wiki data is safe on a different machine.
    Worst case, new wiki and forums instances need to be installed
    on a brand new Xen instance and pointed to the saved data.

    I hope the issue, whatever it is, doesn’t last too long, as this is a really useful resource.

    Thanks in advance



    Just in case this turns up in anyone’s searches, is back up!
    Now to enable Telnet and install Firefly 😀

    11.11.08: Back online! Sorry for the inconvenience.
    After the old server crashed it was needed to completely reinstall the OS on the virtual Xen instance because there was a risk that the old rootfs was compromised. Enjoy while we are bringing all services back online. Please don`t edit this wiki as there are obviously some plugins missing. We will keep you updated.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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