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Album field with Soundbridge

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    I run Firefly version 1696 on an unslung NSLU2 and play the music on a Soundbridge. Most of my music is classical in flac format. If I encode the ALBUM metadata as simply the album title, there is a problem when searching and browsing on the Soundbridge: there might be many albums titled, for example, “Preludes” – some by the same composer but played by different artists, others by different composers who also wrote preludes. The only way to disambiguate seems to be by hard coding additional metadata in the ALBUM tag, for example COMPOSER-ALBUM-ARTIST. I could do this but it seems like a kludge. Is there a way to have Firefly construct a virtual ALBUM tag on the fly by concatenating other tags (like in the example) at the time when it exports the album list to the Soundbridge? I’ve looked through the forum discussions and can’t seem to find anything on this issue. Thanks.

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