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After installing the latest nightly..error

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    I’m quite new to this and after installing the latest nighty (svn-1586) i get an error when looking at the Advanced config page of the Web administration.
    It says:
    Options missing from config.xml
    The options below are in your mt-daapd.conf and Firefly uses them,
    but this web page can’t handle them until they are added to config.xml


    Does any one know what this means and how to fix it because i get 500general errors if i try to change anything?



    Download a new config file, as it changed for the newest nightlies. As the installer saw it already existed, it didn’t replace the old one.

    Use that config, and try again.



    So basically the right thing to do is to first remove an old installation before installing a newer release?



    There seems to be something wrong with the ubuntu packaged version of mt-daapd.
    The binary is recent, but some support files are missing for instance.

    In your case just check out the [plugins] section of your config file.
    Try commenting out the offending line, in this case its the line plugins=…. under that section.

    Firefly willl oad all plugins it encounters in the plugin_dir by default, so this is obsolete.



    Well, it’s just the config file which should be replaced. The rest is just fine.
    So a complete removal of the old installation wouldn’t be necessary.



    Well, I have found the “playlist.html” was completely gone, and the old applet was disfunct in the Ubuntu package for instance. YMMV though. 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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