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    please consider to have more than one “compilation”-directory or – even better – to make it more customizable.

    For example:

    1.) Compilation directory (Grouped under “Various Artists”)
    2.) Audiobooks directory (Grouped under “Various Audiobooks”)
    3.) DJ-Livesets directory (Grouped under “Various DJ-Livesets”)
    4.) more ideas to come ???


    Its already there.

    If you use the admin page to configure, I believe you can add more and you get aditional textboxes to enter the directories.

    If you just edit the config file you can seperate directories with commas.


    Hello jveal,

    are you sure about this? Have you actually succeeded in having different “customizable directories” that show up under individual names on your Soundbridge?

    Currently I am aware that it is possible to put in multiple directories both for “mp3 directory” and for “compilation directory” and also to group the latter under “Various artists”.

    But – as far as I can see – there is no option to group things under other names than “Various Artists”

    My settings in mt-daapd.conf are:

    mp3_dir = /mnt/HD_a2/MP3/Album
    compdirs = /mnt/HD_a2/MP3/VA,/mnt/HD_a2/MP3/Soundtracks,/mnt/HD_a2/MP3/Audiobooks
    concat_compilations = 1

    The compirs do not work in svn-1735 and – I assume – even in previous versions – all unique directories like “VA”, “Soundtracks” and “Audiobooks” would probably show up together (jointly) under “Various Artists” on my Soundbridge screen.

    If I am totally wrong with my assumptions, I would be happy to see your recommendation for the right settings in mt-daapd.conf so that I can learn from your input.

    Thank you in advance



    No rori, you’re right. That’s the way its supposed to be.



    thanks all for clarification. Then let’s keep this feature request up and hope that it gets implemented soon.

    Anyone supporting this feature request to put this into a more prominent position?


    Well as Ron hasn’t been seen around here in ages, chances are slim to none.

    You might be able to work around that missing feature with compilations and smart playlists though.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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