Accessing iTunes Remotely on ReadyNAS Server

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    I have iTunes streaming server enabled on my ReadyNas. Firefly Media Server, version svn-1676.

    I have enabled port forwarding for 3689 to my internal IP address.

    I am running the Firefly Client version 0.9 beta (downloaded today) locally.

    I am able to access my iTunes Server library fine from my laptop (windows XP) when I am within my LAN ( I simply enter as my host and it finds my music folder. However, when I try to access it from outside the LAN ( or ( (dyndns) I receive an error message. Connection times out, no proxy, no port. Here are the details:

    [FireflyClientException] class – Connection timed out (no proxy / no port)
    at net.firefly.client.controller.request.RSPRequestManager.isAuthenticationRequired(
    at net.firefly.client.gui.swing.dialog.NewHostDialog$OKButtonActionListener$
    at Source)

    I tried to be more specific from outside the LAN and enter the external ip followed by I receive the authentication screen and a request for password. When I enter what I was fairly confident was my password, I receive an “Invalid Password” error message.

    I am ltraveling for 3 months and was hoping to have access to my iTunes library from my laptop.


    BTW, I opened port 3869 to access.


    I removed and replaced Firefly on ReadyNAS and turned on and off the port forwarding. I now have remote access. Only open issue is how to get my playlists (the subject of my other post).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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