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20051122 Internet Explorer

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    I installed 20051122 and the Web UI will not appear with IE.
    It works well with Mozilla – do I have something misconfigured?




    Nope nothing misconfigured. It would seem that IE doesn’t like the XHTML. Grrr, stupid IE 🙁

    I give up, stupid forums.

    While you’re at it you should really check out a good browser ;):

    It would seem that image sizes < 100 cause the forums to just spit out the img tag itself :/Gar, i have to escape my own HTML pfff
    Whoa that’s an escaping problem… the board changes &lt; to < by itself, then it won't display it when you view the post :/

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    I already have Firefox – this is probably blasphemy, but IE
    is alot faster for me than Firefox.

    I’m all for non-M$ alternatives, but several mt-daapd nightlies
    back, the playlist editor didn’t work with Firefox (and worked
    with IE), so I’ve been using IE (until now).




    What’s it do in IE? Does the page come up at all, or is it just blank? Or is it the “wizard doesn’t pop up when you push the button” problem?

    Argh. I thought it was fixed. Grumble grumble.

    I have to swap hard drives to boot into windows, so consequently, I don’t often test it in IE. I’m gonna have to install windows in a vmware session or something. This ie thing is getting to be a pain. 🙂

    Lemme see what I can find. I really did think that 1122 was working in IE though.

    saintdev: yes. this forum software is amazingly lame. I really don’t like it at all.



    Check your email Ron.



    Got it. It’s in cvs.

    As far as browsery compatibility, *every* nightly so far has passed the strict “Works in Me” ™ acid-test. (Go Safari!)

    I rely on sharp-eyed forumites to let me know it’s broken on IE and FF. 🙂



    rpedde wrote:

    I rely on sharp-eyed forumites to let me know it’s broken on IE and FF. 🙂

    Like Judge Doom from Roger Rabbit?

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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