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20051101 stops …

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    Hmm, I am running the 20051101 nightie on my OSX 10.4.3 server and I noticed the songs playing sometimes just stops …
    No idea why, playlist stays connected, iTunes is still in “play” mode, but stream seams “paused”
    Clicking on “pause” in iTunes and on “play” makes the stream continue …

    Also, for some reason, “rescanning” database every 5 minutes while users are connected stopped after a while …

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    I don’t know about the “stop” thing, but I did notice what looks suspiciously like a deadlock somewhere. I also saw everything hang.

    I’m going to have to attach a debugger and bang away at it until I find it. Might take some time.

    As far as the “stop” deal… that’s strange. Once it starts sending the song, it’s just in a tight read/write loop. There isn’t anything going on, just read/write. That’s it. It should just work like crazy once the song starts spooling.

    Wonder if it’s possible that the scanning thread is starving the stream spooling thread.

    I don’t bother trying to set thread priority. I could try bumping down the thread priority of the scanning thread and see if that does anything.

    I’ll have that in the next nightly, and you can let me know if that does anything.

    — Ron



    also sending an -HUP to mt-daapd (on OSX) causes mt-daapd to die, previous versions did do a database rescan and the songs kept playing. 20051101 starts the scan and dies …



    OK, just found an other issue with 20051101 …

    forcing database rescan thru the web-admin works, I get a rescan database message in the log …


    I added some playlists with an sqlite script, after rescan database the “count” fields in the playlist records are non-zero, which tells me the rescan filled the playlist records.
    Previous versions immidiatly displayed the NEW playlist thru iTunes …
    20051101 does not !! I need to restart mt-daapd to advertise the new playlists.



    just need to disconnect and reconnect to view them.

    There is another bug report around here somewhere on that. Somewhere I lost the right mojo to tell iTunes that it supports updates.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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