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1696 crashes when playlist spec is too long

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    Build 1696 crashes when I create a smart playlist for which the spec is too long. I don’t know how many characters exactly but the issue happens when something like ‘(artist = “abcdefgh”) or’ is repeated around 10 times. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find the exact cause…

    More precisely the playlist is created (the row in the database looks fine) and it can be used (in iTunes) but the crash occurs when the spec is accessed again through the playlist section in the web interface. I stuffed the code with a few prints and I can see that what is fetched from the database (in function db_sqlite3_enum_fetch) is ok but the same data are corrupted right after the call to pi_db_enum_fetch_row in function daap_enum_fetch (and later lead to the crash when building the xml document). The crash disappears when I compile everything with -g, but the corruption can be seen in the interface as the playlist spec is wrong.

    I’m running Firefly on a Fedora 7 with –enable-sqlite3 –enable-oggvorbis –enable-flac –enable-avahi.

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