1 laptop can see, but the other cannot

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    So got Firefly running on my WHS sharing out my Music folder. My Macbook running bootcamp sees it in both OS. My wifes laptop running Vista does not. We have the same protection software, same firewall settings and everything. Here is the only twist. I have a Linksys G router for sharing my internet. My wife connects to that router. I have a gigbit switch connected to router and that is what my WHS is connected to. Finally, on that same gigabit switch I have a N router that my Macbook connects to. Logically this should all work as we are getting information from the same DHCP, DNS, etc. NetBios works fine as I can access any computer on my network from any other computer without IP address. Any ideas on this?


    I tried to decipher your post to see what could be the problem. I had a hard time imagining the network.

    So the macbook does work with this setup:
    Macbook -> N router -> GBswitch -> WHS

    But vista does not work with this setup:
    Vista -> G router -> GBSwitch -> WHS

    My conclusion:
    Linksys G Router is the one causing the trouble.
    There have been more posts about trouble with wireless routers broadcasting firefly over the network.
    Too bad I don’t know anything about it, but I read a few times about multicast being an option that caused trouble.

    Hope I got you on the right track

    Kind regards, Erik


    Here is a rough MSPaint sketch of the network:


    Yup. The G router is the one causing trouble. Anyone can see that.
    I did a quick search on the forums and found someone else having a similar problem:

    Maybe you could try any of their solutions. 🙂


    I can see that the g router is causing the problem, but why?
    DNS>All the same
    DHCP>All the same
    Subent>All the same

    I just don’t see what the problem is. Logically it should work.


    None of the suggested posts worked. Tested with my friend laptop running Vista. He was connected to G network and iTunes open. It didn’t see it. As soon as he switched to the N network, it popped up in iTunes and everything worked great. Anyone else have any ideas?


    Okay everybody, I’m planning on getting a laptop soon and I’m not sure what kind would be best. I’m going to be needing internet, Word and room for music. However, I also want to be able to play the sims 2 on there as well (I have all the expansion packs but one). If money isn’t an issue, can anyone recommend a good laptop? Any helpful recommend will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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