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Something that I would love to see as a feature if it hasn’t already been done is taking advantage of the autosync feature the firefly does and leverage with Itunes Library Sync tools for (Windows, Mac).

What are “Itunes Library Sync tools”?
And which “autosync feature the firefly does”?

I didn’t know Firefly was syncing anything, nor did a google for the first term reveal any existing software. Links please 😉

@alloptions wrote:

Be nice to have the ability to scan the SQL3Lite engine with firefly and compare to the itunes library and sync the missing items (including Videos).

By scanning the sqlite3 engine, you’ll get some information on how sqlite3 works, if you know to read assembly in binary form. But even if you scan the sqlite3 database, that’s not really a good idea, since Firefly supports different databases, e.g. sqlite2, and imho gdb again at some point in the future, so your suggestion would support only some installations… anyway, why do you want Firefly to compare with client libraries? Firefly is a server software… and since there’s already the daap protocol, and there is enough software out there that is able to browse the library via daap over the network, and download tracks that way, why anything on the server at all?

For what you seem to want, a new client software would be much better suited, which would sync the local folder & database with the remote one, over the daap protocol, which Firefly already supports perfectly – no update needed there.

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Little coding on the backend only clients; and Perl could be leveraged.

You spoke about clients sync’ing to iTunes. That surely means either Windows or Macs, both of which do not have Perl by default (imho for Mac, absolutely sure for Windows). So why do you suggest Perl?

Second, why did you speak about server changes when you admit now that its a client only thing? I’m totally confused I’m afraid 😀

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Thoughts; good or bad idea.

First thought: put a dozen more commas and periods in there and I might actually be able to understand everything you wrote 😀

Second thought: the iTunes database is a simple XML file, the daap protocol is a simple network protocol, a client side app for syncing both shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If it really would be the “total solution”, I wonder why no one did it before, but anyway… don’t want to discourage you, if you think you could use such a think, just start coding 😀