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@rpedde wrote:

One is that if you look at 0.2.4 and then look at nightlies, you’ll see that there is a lot more code. A lot. Mostly it just grew, and now it is kind of a mess, needs to be refactored, etc.

Yup, I kind of noticed 😯

@rpedde wrote:

I’m trying to do that by modularizing everything. I figure if I move it into plugins, it increases the ability of others to hack it as well as more clearly defining functional boundaries.

That was the point, I wanted to add a auto Shoutcast url importer ( ala/inspired by Twonky ) and after I’m at ease mess around and figure out a viable ‘solution’ to integrate Last.FM.

@rpedde wrote:

I expect that stuff will become better abstracted, and I hope that if I can get a scripting plugin done, then much of the code can be moved to a scripted plugin and simplified. That’s the plan, anyway.

I remember some posts on that … I guess I’ll have to wait for this to really get my hands dirty 🙁

It took me around 3~4 hours to be comfortable around the code and kinda know my way around. But trying to pull some functionality out for other uses is starting to mess with my head.

I found it easier to add directly into FF than to reuse some code outside (as standalone). The problem to add directly is that I am afraid to break other code vs playing in my own little sandbox. But that’s just me …

Patrick S.