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Reply To: WARNING Nasty Email



@ccrdude wrote:

That printed URL in itself is not the problem… probably that was just a link to a different page than the displayed one…
I remember I had a similar one, but immediately deleted it, so I can’t really say…

If it really was a bad link, the question would be how this spam thing got 1. Rons email address and 2. all the target emails (if it had used the PM system, the link wouldn’t have been corrupted)…

Ron, since you’re running spam friend #1 (also called phpBB 😉 ), are you regularly updating it? I see a copyright of 2005 below… and phpBB really has a lot of security holes so that always installing the newest version is a MUST to not have the board hacked.

The forwards on the emails I saw didn’t have a corrupted link.