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@motte_ wrote:

I can’t connect to FireFly from my SB!
I can listen too Internet radio but;
When I use port 3689 FireFly can create a library in Itunes but my SB can’t connect to FireFly.
When I use port 9999 FireFly can not create a library in Itunes but my SB can connect to my FireFly (but then I don’t se any music, of course)
What’s wrong?
I’ve turned of all my Firewalls during my testing.

FireFly Server 1.0 SVN1359 – Running
Bonjour – Running
Itunes – Running
SB HomeMusic, 2.7.78 – Running
Windows XP, SP2

First things first. Set your firefly to 9999. make sure again that your firewalls are off. Later, we can set them back up, but let’s keep them off for the purposes of testing.

Set your music directory to your “My Music” directory. That should be something like “documents and settingsyour namemy documentsmy music”.

Then go into the web interface on firefly by going into the tray icon, and hitting the web management button on the “Server” tab. It should come up to a web page, with a button that says “FULL SCAN”. Hit that button, and it will turn gray. Then wait for a while until it becomes normal again. Look at the line that shows how many music files are in your library. It shoudl be more than 0.

Then try and connect from the SB and see if you can see any songs.

If that doesn’t work step by step, then I’ll need more information, like:

1. Where is your iTunes mucis stored? Is it local to the machine running the server, or it is in on a network drive?

2. How is your PC and your Soundbridge connected? Is one wired and one wireless? And if one of them is wireless, then what kind of wireless router do you have.

I think that should make it go, though.

— Ron