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Thanks Ron,

I found that setting in the web-admin page (advanced settings) but since my admin page is non-writable I can’t set it (I assume I could start as root and it’d work). But – before I do that, is there a startup option or a new parm I can add to the mt-daapd.conf file instead?

I searched the forums for “case AND scan” and couldn’t find reference to anything ‘cept the admin web-page. I checked my mt-daapd.conf file and the only 2 scan parameters that I see are “rescan_interval” and “scan_type”.

Hoping it’s a startup option or new parm I can add?


chown guest /opt/etc/mt-daapd/mt-daapd.conf

should get you a writeable web config. As far as the option goes, it’s in the “show advanced” seciton of the web config, under scanning, or if you are editing the config file directly, look for a section like:


and add the line:


under it. If there is no scanning section already, just add it at the bottom:


— Ron