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Right. That’s what I’m saying. You want “–enable-avahi –enable-sqlite”. That’s it. Full stop. Ix-nay on the isable-day dns-may.

So is “–enable-mdns” active by default, or does it become active when you use “–enable-avahi”. Usually, when I see “-enable-whatever” in “./configure –help” I assume it is not enabled (and vice-versa when I see “–disable-whatever”). I may be misunderstanding convention here.

Back to the disappearing FireFly, thanks for the tip about the firewall. Alas, I’m not running any firewall on the box. Netfilter is installed, but not running.

Connections seem to get lost after a “write failed” appears in the log. Whenever I disconnect any client while a song is playing (like power down a Roku or close iTunes), I’ll get a “write failed” in the log. After that, If I click on anything listed by mt-daapd in iTunes, mt-daapd will immediately disappear (from iTunes), and I’ll see “Thread 6: could not read: broken pipe” in the mt-daapd log.

Still sound like a possible net config issue on my end?

thanks again

That sounds like multicast problems. When you start or stop iTunes, it pushes mdns discovery pre-caching stuff on the network. If you notice that:

1. You can run the server for a while, but after a half hour or so it disappears


2. Starting iTunes or stopping iTunes anywhere on the network tends to make the server disappear

Then it’s a multicast problem. Either the mt-daapd server isn’t seeing the mdns requests, or it isn’t sending responses (unlikely, or it wouldn’t populate the iTunes browse list to begin with).

Another possibility is that you are running more than one mdns responder on that box — for example avahi or howl + the built-in one from firefly.

That’s an issue, too.