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@MikeyP wrote:

When using Avahi, should I use “–disable-mdns –enable-avahi” in ./configure? When I use those parameters, build mt-daapd, and fire up the avahi deamon, neither iTunes nor Roku can see mt-daapd. However, if I use “–enable-mdns”, omit “–enable-avahi”, and shut down the avahi deamon, iTunes and Roku can see mt-daapd for a while before it eventually “disappears”. And to further complicate things, if I use “–enable-avahi”, omit “–enable-mdns”, and run the avahi-deamon, the Roku sees mt-daapd, but iTunes does not. 😯 (mt-daapd does appear in the “avahi-browser -a” list)

–disable-mdns disables all mdns, including avahi. You want just “–enable-avahi”.

If it shows up for a while, then disappears, it’s because your server is firewalling incoming multicast. Allow traffic to and from on udp port 5353.

Try that and see where it gets you.