Reply To: svn-1523 feedback


@beerfan wrote:

Just upgraded to the windows svn-1523 nightly. Upgrade seemed to go fine. However, the “configuration” page shows the following at the top when it’s in “Advanced” mode.

Options missing from config.xml
The options below are in your mt-daapd.conf and Firefly uses them,
but this web page can't handle them until they are added to config.xml


plugins/plugins is ignored. The way it works now is that all plugins in the plugin_dir are loaded, rather than having to be specified in the config.

It stays in the config, but the config editor doesn’t know what it is. Maybe I should make that warning more clear. 🙂

I’m also confused about the playlist scanning options.

Process Playlists    Should static playlists (.m3u, etc) be processed?
Process .m3u files Should .m3u playlists be processed?

What is the difference between these 2 options? And what is the relationship with the “Playlist File” option. Is this the path for the “iTunes Library.xml” file? The mt-daapd-example.conf file doesn’t seem to reflect the latest configuration option changes.

Right now the only playlist-y things it reads are .m3u and itunes music library files. At some point, it will read windows media whatever playlists, and pls format playlists, and others.

The first config value (scanning/process_playlists) controls whether any playlists at all should be read. It’s like a global allow/disallow for all playlist types.

If that’s set to 1, then it honors the other entries, like process_itunes or process_m3u ( and eventually process_wmw and process_pls).

Sometimes I want to read my iTunes xml file, but I dno’t want to pick up any accidental m3u files lying around. So it would be nice to be able to control them individually. So that’s what that’s about.

The playlist file option is going to go away soon. It used to be that smart playlists were read from a file, not from the database. That was the path of the file.

I left the config, because I was going to use that file to back up the playlists from the db, but now I think I’m going to pull playlists completely out of the database, and store them all in files.