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@litmus wrote:

– i can’t play more than a single track at a time on the olive (whether controlling the component itself or via the web interface). this appears to have been hos’ problem as well. i’ve tried the latest nightly (1696) and earlier versions referenced in other posts on this forum, but with the nightly, i run into the “firefly is starting/restarting” message that lives on in perpetuity… and i’m unable to see firefly in my olive.

Yeah, you’ll need a newish version to make it go. 1696 should work, with some caveats:

1. You’ll need to turn off background scanning – change the scan_interval to 0 using hte web interface. (or the prefs pane, I guess).

2. To get the starting message to go away, change the share nam to something short (“firefly”, maybe?).

– i can’t seem to view additional music folders that i’ve added via the firefly web admin. i have a TON of live shows i’ve DLd from torrent sites in FLAC format that i’d love to stream through the olive over the main system. but the only directory i can see is the primary one i’ve set that holds my iTunes music folder (it’s on an external drive.. not the default mac-assigned music folder)

Flac is a no-go on the mac version right now. Too many dependancies to port over to universal libraries to make it go. At some point, I’m going to try and give it a go, but that’s after I finish the db stuff for a stable release.

If you have fink or darwinports installed, it’s easy enough to build a binary that will support ogg and flac, and then copy it into the location that you can manage it with the prefs pane. Kinda hackish, but if you want to try that, I’m game to walk you through it.

If you can get the first part working above, then we can work on the flac thing. Just let me know.

— Ron