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Reply To: Errors & inconsistencies with build 1519 Firefly shell X



@hans.t wrote:

After booting my PC the firefly icon sits in the tray and hoovering over it gives the statement: server is active.

Opening the shell, on the second tab the information states that the server is not active! I need to have administration rights (which I have on this PC) to make it active. Also I can not change the port number.

I can however open the web-interface. Everything seems to be running fine there as well, I can change everything, save it and it is ok. However, when I than go back to the shell and click on either OK or cancel I get an error message stating that an error has occurred and that the application must be shut down. The following signature of the eror is given.

AppName: fireflyshell.exe AppVer: ModName: fireflyshell.exe
ModVer: Offset: 00003c60

Moreover, looking at logfile (firefly shell states that logging has been disabled while I do have a log file in the firefly directory) it starts with the statement: Firefly Version svn-1498: starting with debuglevel 2 while in the about section it states 1519 as version.

In short: not there yet

Yes. I think I accidentally committed something old over the top of something new. I was more focused on getting the stupid installer working.. 🙂