Reply To: Downloading html file web config?


@k3n85 wrote:

1519 Nightly // Firefox 2.0 // WinXP SP2

All of a sudden when i try to access the server via http://localhost:3689/config I just get a download window with config.html or ‘x-dmap-tagged’ from just local host.

*seems fine when accessed from another laptop on network*
*cleared history / cache and seemed to fix it*

This help explain? from log
2007-04-04 19:45:40 (3fb2afb3): Thread 0: Entering ws_returnerror (401: Unauthorized)
2007-04-04 19:45:43 (3fb33c14): Thread 1: Entering ws_returnerror (302: Moved)

Acually kind of inexplicable, but maybe I can add more anti-caching mojo to the headers.