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Reply To: Best music format for Firefly and SoundBridge



@jtbse wrote:

Hey Rich…

Curious…what’s in the reference version that pushed you to it? Did you get it for the “ultra secure” ripping mode? Or something else? Other than ultra secure ripping, I didn’t see too much in the additional features list that I would use enough to compel me to pay the extra for the reference version.

Am I missing out on something?


Hi Tim. It was the ultra secure ripping mode and a head to head review of it against EAC secure mode that I saw on Hydrogen Audio. I was having some issues with EAC / cactus data protected CD’s on a NEC drive at the time and decided to swap a few things around. I’m not far enough into it to give much of a view on reference performance vs. EAC yet but it seems ok. Having said that having one tool for ripping is too good to be true so I’m not deleting EAC just yet! Ask me in another month or so when I’m a few hundred CD’s down…