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Reply To: Best music format for Firefly and SoundBridge



@mwalsh wrote:


Quick question…

I’m about to embark on digitising my CD collection using iTunes 6 and seeing as I’m doing this pretty much from scratch I want to make sure I use the best format I can.

I’d prefer a lossless format but I wanted to check what other Firefly users are using and what seems to be the most reliable in terms of playback on the SoundBridge?


Lossless is the right choice. From there you can go to anything. I’m still working through the ‘Great Rerip’ having gone to mp3 initially 🙄

As your server is an NSLU2 flac would be a good choice although it requires transcoding on the server side as the Soundbridge doesn’t (currently) have a flac codec. Feedback indicates that the slug has enough grunt to transcode two or three flac streams concurrently.

ALAC is an alternative and Roku released an ALAC codec in the last firmware upgrade although from what I’ve seen there are some remaining issues with it.

I’m sure there will be other suggestions…