Reply To: Runtime Error with Firefly 1519 on XP SP2 with VC support


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Most interesting. Ron you switched to Visual Studio 2005 recently, didn’t you?

Yes. As soon as you stop using 2003 or decide to write for vista, it’s no longer a simple executable. It’s manifests and side-by-side activation, and blech.

Unix solved this problem with major/minor library versions something like 25 years ago. Those that don’t understand unix are condemned to re-implement it, obviously.

WRT to not being able to start the shell app, check for a “fireflyshell.exe.manifest” in the firefly directory. If it’s there, delete it. I think that might work.

— Ron

Wow, so much for my plans to switch to 2005 at work. Any options there to leave Vista completly out? like a “Sanity-mode” ? 😉