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@grommet wrote:

(My guess is Music Match, RIP, caused some grief with your MP3 tags.)

Great inputs guys, thanks… I know how to proceed to fix my tags now. I also suspect MusicMatch caused the problem to begin with…. but while we’re on the subject, I would love to retire MusicMatch completely but can’t because of three use models I can’t find a way to replace – would love some guidance from anybody that has knowledge:

– It’s easy to create my Firefly playlists from Musicmatch – I simply export it as a text file, and do 2 search and replace operations to convert it to linux-friendly path names. How would I do this from, for example, iTunes?

– MusicMatch supports exporting my music and playlists to my Sandisk mp3 player. iTunes does not. (Nice to have the same playlists on Firefly that I use on my mp3 player)

– I like MusicMatch OnDemand – I often listen to individual tracks of artists, sometimes I even create playlists of them, and haven’t found a similar service.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.