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Reply To: soundbridge cannot connect to mt-daapd under linux



@mathias wrote:

Thanks for the fast reply.

I should have mentioned that the firewall is disabled. I can connect to mt-daapd on ports 9999 (3689) from another machine and access the web interface. Also, my pinnacle soundbridge m1001 uses software version 2.7.78 (the newest).

The problem with the wireless/wired boundary should apply to the windows server too. The router has no such options, but obviously it works with the windows server.

When I start avahi befor mt-daapd, mt-daapd indicates that Bonjour is stopped, when I start it afterwards or not at all, on the web interface everything seems o.k. It doesn’t make a difference though.

Should itunes recognize mt-daapd? It doesn’t either.

Well, obviously I’m missing something. What is it?

Thanks again!

If you’ve upgraded from stable, try deleting your config file and using the one from the contrib folder (after editing, of course). Sounds like it’s missing the plugins_dir.