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Reply To: soundbridge cannot connect to mt-daapd under linux



Thanks for the fast reply.

I should have mentioned that the firewall is disabled. I can connect to mt-daapd on ports 9999 (3689) from another machine and access the web interface. Also, my pinnacle soundbridge m1001 uses software version 2.7.78 (the newest).

The problem with the wireless/wired boundary should apply to the windows server too. The router has no such options, but obviously it works with the windows server.

When I start avahi befor mt-daapd, mt-daapd indicates that Bonjour is stopped, when I start it afterwards or not at all, on the web interface everything seems o.k. It doesn’t make a difference though.

Should itunes recognize mt-daapd? It doesn’t either.

Well, obviously I’m missing something. What is it?

Thanks again!