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Reply To: Firefly on Solaris (sparc)



@lunaticallday wrote:

So, with the nightlies svn1523 the lock_t issue is gone and I’m able to configure and compile without errors:

./configure --disable-mdns --enable-howl --enable-sqlite

The Webinterface behaves like Jens said.

If I click on Playlist I’m getting a reproducable “Segmentation Fault”.

The Soundbridge doesn’t see the server, so I assume there’s a mdns problem with avahi / howl (avahi-daemon is started).

For the mdns thing, I’d need to see a log file. Also, the *next* nightlies will have the newest mDNSResponder, so it would be interesting to see if that owrks with the built-in mdns.

As far as the other issue, what browser are you using? And from what kind of client?