Reply To: Firefly on Solaris (sparc)


Hi Rons (Ron1 and Ron2)!

I’m not making so much progress. The thing is that I got stuck during the compilation of the AVAHI package since there is no pre-compiled package for Solaris available. I also tried HOWL but also no sucess.

And here during the configure of AVAHI, I get the message that my distro is not supported and I should specify –with-distro=none to skip this check.

I ran:

configure –enable-compat-howl –disable-qt3 –disable-qt4 –disable-gtk –disable-python –disable-mono –disable-monodoc –with-distro=none

Then I changed to avahi-compat-howl directory and executed make. But it did not complete due to erors… 🙁

Ron P., did you ever get a version of Firefly running on Solaris (SPARC)?

Best regards