Reply To: 1518 on Vista


@CCRDude wrote:

Ron: are you using Orca and its verification possibilities (Tools -> Validate…) when modifying your installer? It really helps since it shows warnings about things you don’t notice through normal test by installing on a single machine.

Not msi, it’s nsis, which is part of the problem. Can’t use the vc merge files. I did find the root of my problem though. The machine I’m developing (and commiting) on is running VS2005, no service pack, while the build machine is sp1. So I’m committing non-sp1 redistributables and building on sp1. D’oh.

Installing sp1 now. Hopefully this time FOR SURE.

Can’t really test it either, as all my machines already *have* the 2005 redists installed. So I can’t see what it looks like on a machine that doesn’t. Everyone could easily fix it by installing the vcredist_x86, but I couldn’t ask anyone to do it in the real world.

At some point I’m going to have to just bite down and move to msi, just don’t want to try and re-fix something that (until now) hasn’t been broken.

— Ron