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@beerfan wrote:

@beerfan wrote:

There’s an iTunes (or more accurately quicktime) FLAC codec plugin though I’m not sure if it supports the “PICTURE” metadata and I don’t have a tag editor that supports FLAC to test it.

I just tried the plugin but it doesn’t work. The release notes say:
“FLAC – FLAC decoder and importer for Ogg FLAC (no support for native FLAC file format yet);”

Oh well, I guess we’ll get there eventually.

And even that won’t play streamed when you *have* an ogg flac. iTunes sees a non-mp3, non-aac file and decides to try and decode it as mpeg or something rather than just tossing it quicktime and letting quicktime sort it out.

Not sure why, but I’ve tried to jam that square peg in the round iTunes hole already.