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@andiy wrote:


thanks for this information. i thought so too, but in the “main”-list (the firefly-share appearing in itunes) i can see all (4368) songs, but in some playlists some are missing. so if the char-set is not correct, why do these songs appear in the main-list but not in the other play-lists ?
and yes, i do have songs with chars like ö,ä,ü,ß,… and i’m working on cleaning them up, but some missing songs i’ve checked, do definitely not contain any special chars.


Because they match by name. So when it does a scan of the file system, it will find the codepage named file. Then, when it sees a reference to the file in the iTunes playlist, it’s utf-8. So it can’t find the file in the database — they have different file names.

Easiest fix is to switch your fs to utf8 on the slug, but a workaround would be for me to implement codepage switching on the server, so it would store filenames as utf8 in the db itself.