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@snevacd wrote:


I’ve got an older version (svn-1376) running on a Linkstation. Everything runs fine, except that it doesn’t pick up playlists from my iTunes library. The problem is that the library is called iTunes Library (and therefore has an accompanying iTunes Library.xml), not iTunes Music Library.

(When I created the library, I didn’t have a choice of what to name it.)

I can manually copy the xml file to the iTunes Music Library, and it works fine.

I’ve tried using a symlink to the original file, and it doesn’t work. (no idea why.) I also tried copying it with a cron job, but the copying of the file 20 times/hour seemed to crash Firefly periodically (I think when both the cron job was doing the copying and Firefly was scanning).

Everything else works perfectly, so I’m not inclined to upgrade, unless this behaviour is changed in a newer version.

Thanks, Ron, for the effort on a very useful bit of software.


I’ve see this, and I’ll have it fixed in the next couple nightlies. I think this changed with 7.1 and I hadn’t noticed it yet. :/

— Ron