Reply To: Remote Streaming of iTunes: A Noob’s How To – Kinda…


I’ll post a proper write up if there is sufficient interest (post here), but just to say, I’ve got this working as follows:

At Home:
* 8mbps broadband (512kbps upload).
* Wired/Wireless Router – port 22 (SSH) forwarded to NSLU2.
* UnSlung NSLU2 with 1gb stick, 300mb disk – running FireFly on 3689. Also running SSH server.

On office desktop:
* PuTTY tunnelling over SSH (tunnel is L3689 to to home address
* RendevousProxy looking at service type _daap._tcp
* iTunes set to look for shared libraries

Similarly, on my MacBook:
* ssh @ -L 3689:Localhost:3689 in a command prompt
* Download and configure Network beacon as per RendevousProxy above.

And, wonder of wonders, it works marvellously, and is lovely and secure! Out of interest, I tried a connection over a GPRS mobile phone on the train. It works, but not usably!