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Reply To: Remote Streaming of iTunes: A Noob’s How To – Kinda…



I already posted this on another streaming description posted here, but I guee it can’t harm to do it again: if you open your ports to the outside, keep in mind that you’re “file-sharing” your whole collection with the Internet – something the music copyright holders are quite happy about it (because it means they can sue again… and saying that you told the address no one wouldn’t help…).

So, please keep in mind:

  • don’t post the dynamic dns name anywhere.
  • don’t do this without at least a good password on the library (won’t protect you against network & port scans and some brute force hack).
  • the best way is a secure tunnel.

No offense meant; if you want to use this solution, feel free to do so. Just be careful what you recommend to others in the public, since it could get them into legal trouble 😉