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@charlessain wrote:

Digging the firefly…and really loving how much faster the most recent nightly version indexes folders (the 12 minute hard drive thrash every time I started older version was tiresome.)

Anyway, I’ve got an XP box in the closet running firefly…and that’s my primary media server for various reasons (even though I don’t keep mp3 library there…read on).

Just got a new Vista box…and I keep library on there just so I can run Itunes / rate music etc. there. Long story short, I’m trying to just run firefly on the XP box, but read the MP3 / Itunes library and playlist files from the Vista box. I’ve entered the UNC paths into the web config screen (latest stable release and most recent nightly versions) but I get an “Error: 500general:mp3_dir” message whenever I try to save the config. I’ve tried mapping drives etc…but no joy.

Is there some simple problem here that I’m not aware of? Can you pull media for firefly from networked folders? I’ve tried mapping directly to destination as well as one folder above and entering paths accordingly…still not happening.

Firefly is fantastic…was so happy to find it since I’m addicted to Roku and Itunes 7 ruined me.

The issue is that it doesn’t run as the logged-on user. So you are logged on as you, and you can see \servershare, but the user that firefly (the service) runs as can’t access that path.

You can fix that by making the server log in as you. Then it will have permissions to the unc path, and all will be well. Go into control panel -> administrative tools -> services, and look at the properties on the firefly service. Set it to log in as you, with your password, then stop and restart the server.

You might have to set the path in the config file directly, rather than over the web interface, so just edit c:program filesfirefly media serverfirefly.conf and set the mp3_dir to \servershare. That should do it.

– Ron