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So far doesn’t look promising. It won’t stream from an “iTunes” server without entering a key of some kind. Doesn’t just browse, like FrontRow (why not?)
I’ll be dumping packets tonight to see what’s up, but I expect it might be ugly.

— Ron

Just wondering if any progress was made, Im leaning more and more towards getting a unit, but I want it to run off my hacked NSLU2, not a PC running iTunes.
Patrick S.

Looks to me not doable. There looks to be x.509 certificates involved, and I suspect that even if a private key were dug out of iTunes to enable it to happen, apple would just revoke that cert in the next version. To me, it looks like apple doesn’t want it to happen, which means that you would always be chasing them every release.

No, I think the best solution will be hacking the device to add features. Someone already built a plug-in for the user interface, and I think that’s the way forward… modify (or wholesale replace) the interface with a new one. Or even maybe multiple. Switch between built-in, myth fe, and xbmc for whatever you want to do.

That’s my thought, anyway.