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Reply To: Authentication issue with Smart Playlists config page



@khaos wrote:

After I authenticate to the web config using a browser (using my Admin password), whenever I try to browse to the Smart Playlists config page, I’m asked again for a password, which is not the Admin password. The password it’s actually asking me for is my Music password. Once that is entered with a username of admin, I can navigate and configure Smart Playlists. However, whenever I want to browse to any other config page, I’m asked again to authenticate with my Admin password. I’m running svn-1463 on a W2K3 server, but I’ve tried this with each nightly after svn-1463 and the response is the same. I’ve verified this issue on IE 7.0.5730.11, Maxthon 1.5.9(build 80), and FireFox, all running on Win XP Pro SP2, JRE 1.6.0-b105.

This is a known issue. It won’t be this next nightly, as that will be just the vista fixes, but perhaps the one after that.

— Ron