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Ted Harper

I’ve been running svn-1498 on my NSLU2 since it came out and have had no problems with it – no crashes, no downtime, nothing not being served that should be, etc.

NB: I have the rescan interval set to 0 (so I only do manual rescans after I buy and rip a new CD), and my music is virtually all mp3 (so I’m not doing any clever transcoding or dealing with lossless formats).

I noticed about the time svn-1498 came out there were a fair few updates to the various Linux utilities on the NSLU2 (ie ipkg update then ipkg upgrade on the NSLU2), so if you are doing the update to the latest Firefly nightly, it might be worth doing a general update to the NSLU2 software via ipkg at the same time; I did and again it doesn’t seem to have caused anything bad to happen.