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@stephan2000 wrote:

hello rpedde,

still no playlist from itunes. 😥

the “my music” is set to “d:sharesmusic”. thats a local folder where all my music files are placed. the itunes library is placed in the same folder.

at the firefly server – on the same server – the pathes for “music folder” and “playlist files” are set to this folder. also “process m3u.files” is set to yes.

as sayed all files from the music folder “d:sharesmusic” are found and can be browsed and played by the soundbridge. also i have a firefly mediaserver entry in itunes.

so no matter where the problem is. 🙁


You are saying that “d:sharesmusic” has a file in it called “iTunes Music Library.xml”? And that’s where your music directory is set to in firefly?