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@stephan2000 wrote:

hello to all,

i’m a firefly and roku soundbridge newbie and have the same problems.
i can access to the admin page and can browse by title, artist or album name about my complete library but there are no playlist from itunes found by the soundbridge.

i don’t know if it’s either a firefly or soundbridge problem?
i update the soundbridge to the lastet software version 2.7.78 which supports itunes 7.x.

so, where’s the different between accessing to the singles files and accessing the playlist that are created in itunes?
in itunes a have also a “firefly mediaserver” entry where the same number of tracks is shown as in the itunes library.

i post the same in the soundbridge user forum, because i don’t know what do know.

thanks for any help.


Make sure your music directory is set to your “My Music” directory. That should do it.