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Reply To: Different service discovery process in latest nightly build?



This is probably the most common cause when moving from “stable” to the “nightlies”.

the config file should be overwritten and freshly adopted.
in the nightlies, every audio stuff, DAAP, RSP, etc. is plugin-ified.
And mt-daapd executes and loads every plugin it can find, in the plugin dir, by default.
So this explains why its “just” listening on the web-port-thingy.

I agree, it would be nice to have some sort of complaint about a missing plugin dir, and also a list of plugins that are currently active, and overall present, prolly.

Some of those Soekris products look nice. (Deep) embedded thingies with a nice case rock. Wish you could get those over here in good ol’ Europe. *Sigh* 😉