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Reply To: Firefly Media Server keeps disconnecting



@beerfan wrote:

I was wrong. My disconnect issue is still happening with svn-1523. I’ve tried several times to get an ethereal capture but the windows version is the crashiest program I’ve ever seen. I did see that iTunes is sending a FIN as you guessed though.

Lol… true enough.

See, I’m not sure what that is, though. On all the traces I’ve seen (which admittedly is only a few) I see the close come from the client, not the server. In the case of wireless connections, I’d just chalk it up to lost signal. Or if it were against a soundbridge, I’d chalk it up to lost packets or something and not-very-robust embedded tcp stack.

But against iTunes on a real computer on a wired network? Can’t be that.

Hrm. Unless…. are you running a gig switch with a mix of 100mb and gig devices?