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Reply To: Firelfy / Pinnacle Soundbridge 1500 / Empty playlists



@ccomley wrote:

(Probably un-necessary detail. ACTUALLY the “library” as far as MMJB is concerned, is r:music, which *is* on a NAS box. But to avoid the NAS access problem *and* to provide a backup of the MP3 library, I use SecondCopy to copy the entire content of r:music to e:music every couple of ours (SC only copies new/changed files) – of course when I use MMJB to create a playlist it uses R: but a quick find/replace sorts that out in short order.)

Ah ha!

And what is your music directories set to? R:? or E:?

When it doesn’t show up in the playlists, it’s because it didn’t find the songs in the database (looked up by path). So if the DB has the paths as R, then that would explain it.