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Reply To: Firelfy / Pinnacle Soundbridge 1500 / Empty playlists



Yep – Firefly running on XP Pro, the E-drive is local (i.e. it’s not a NAS-access problem – I can browse and play by album, by artist, etc from the library which is 100% in e:music

I use MMJB to rip CDs, and to create playlists – this is MMJB’s playlist format which *has* worked before on the SBridge.

(Probably un-necessary detail. ACTUALLY the “library” as far as MMJB is concerned, is r:music, which *is* on a NAS box. But to avoid the NAS access problem *and* to provide a backup of the MP3 library, I use SecondCopy to copy the entire content of r:music to e:music every couple of ours (SC only copies new/changed files) – of course when I use MMJB to create a playlist it uses R: but a quick find/replace sorts that out in short order.)