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Reply To: Firelfy / Pinnacle Soundbridge 1500 / Empty playlists



@ccomley wrote:

Playlists worked when I first set it all up – now they show up on the SB – but are empty.

I’m using the old MMJB playlist format, which is simply a text file of one track per line thus:-

e:musicBlondieGreatest Hits19_Maria.mp3
e:musicBruce SpringsteenGreatest Hits17_Blood Brothers.mp3
e:musicLynyrd SkynyrdGold & Platinum14_I Know a Little.mp3

(I have verified that the paths/filenames are correct)

saved in a file called .m3u. FF has been told to see m3us as playlists.

Baffled of Ballinger.

This *is* on windows, right? This isn’t a windows playlist that you are trying to read on a nslu2 or other unix box, right?

If so, is E a local drive, or a network drive?